Squints: The Scott Family Quintuplets

How did I learn about the Scott Family? I was scrolling through Facebook one night and I came across a fundraising page for a family expecting multiples. When I read about the family of four becoming a family of nine, I immediately noticed these words used to describe the family: giving, volunteer, goodness, foster, community, and infertility. I knew right away this was a unique situation with a very special family. I felt compelled to look more into their story. I reached out to the Scott family while I was doing research for my blog, and because of their inspiration, I asked if I could share their story. They are very busy taking care of five little babies, so they told me they would love for me to do a write-up and share their miraculous journey on my blog. I feel very honored to do so. If you want to read about miracles, great faith, amazing love, a brave family and FIVE babies – take a look at this journey:

The first words I saw while reading about the Scott’s story was “Five Two Love.” Skyler and Jamie Scott were pregnant with quintuplets. Quints are five children born to the same mother at one birth. The Scotts were married in 2004 and welcomed their first son, Shayden in 2005. After a few more years, they welcomed another son, Landon. They tried to expand their family for another five years, and with no luck, they went to get help from a fertility specialist. The Scott Family had hopes of adding another baby to their family. After two rounds of intra-uterine insemination and fertility medications, Jamie found out she was expecting. Jamie stated to PEOPLE Magazine, “It was just incredible to see those two pink lines.” Jamie’s HCG hormone levels were extremely high, which can be an indicator for multiples. At their first ultrasound, they found out they were pregnant with FIVE babies! Quintuplets! How do you even take in that kind of miracle? I would imagine it would be great excitement and also great fear. This would be a high-risk pregnancy. In January the couple revealed they were expecting 3 baby girls and 2 baby boys. Besides the five new babies on the way, they have two sons at home.

How do you prepare for Quints? How do you prepare for a high-risk pregnancy? How do you handle this financially, emotionally, and physically? The Scott’s moved from their home in Utah and traveled to Arizona to be close to their specialist, Dr. Elliot. They had a gofundme set up, because as you can imagine, even with good health insurance the cost of having multiples is extremely high. The Scott Family raised about $37,500. Talk about community!! Their motto was “Scquints Strong.” Their page had over 3,000 shares on Facebook alone. Besides the donations, the Scotts were asking for prayers. I would have never seen this amazing story if it wasn’t for everyone spreading the word on social media.

I remember watching vlogs of the couple and their journey. Jamie’s water broke on January 30th for Baby A. She was almost 22 weeks pregnant. This is very early in the pregnancy, and of course she was carrying multiples. She had to remain in the hospital until the babies were born, which came out to be seven weeks. There are many concerns in a multiple pregnancy, such as: Preterm Labor/Delivery, Low birth weight, IUGR, Preeclampsia, Placental Abruption or even Fetal Demise. I would follow their page as the weeks would progress, and this couple is amazing. I could see strong faith, courage, grace, and even smiling. That positivity must have been so helpful in a time of extreme patience and anxiety. Jamie had a paper chain to count down the weeks she needed to keep those babies growing and thriving inside of her. She made it to 29 weeks. All five babies were born by C-Section. Their weights ranged from 2 pounds to 2 pounds 9 ounces.  I watched Skyler share his testimony on Facebook Live, showing all of his hospital bracelets on his wrists for all his babies. You could see the relief on his face that his family was doing well. He shed tears of joy and expressed his praise and gratefulness. He gave thanks to god, to his wife, to mothers, his parents, his kids, and everyone who has followed their journey. Their faith is real and can move mountains. I cannot even imagine what they witnessed on their delivery day. The next stage was five babies in the NICU.

Logan, Lily, Violet, Daisy and Lincoln spent over ten weeks in the NICU. I have no idea what NICU life entails, but I have read that it’s an intense, beautiful, complicated world. These babies needed extra medical care since they were born premature. I saw photos of the quints with all their tubes and wires. They are so small and separated from their parents. I cannot imagine not being able to hold your baby. Big equipment and tiny patients. There are machines running 24/7, beeping, nurses, doctors, and alarms. The Scott Quintuplets were born on March 21st – their original due date was June 6th.

As summer came to Arizona, The babies would start going home. The Scott’s bought a new big van to hold this new big family. Try to imagine five car seats in one vehicle? I sure can’t! Jamie wrote in one of her posts: “When I was pregnant with the quints, I used to marvel that I had 50 fingers and 50 toes inside of me.” This statement left me in awe. I never got the opportunity to carry one baby – I could never dream of carrying multiples. The Squints are growing, thriving, and look simply adorable. The Scotts have 150,000 followers on Facebook to date. Jamie wrote on her page that struggling with infertility was one of the hardest challenges of her life. She continues to say on her vlog that everyday of her pregnancy was a gift, no matter how hard it was. This family beat all of the odds against them – The doctors gave the couple a 1% chance survival rate for all five babies. Skyler stated in one of their vlogs that the minute they heard five hearts beating, the goal was set for five two love. You can continue to follow the family on their YouTube page.

A BIG thank you to the Scott’s for allowing me share their story and family photos. This family lived and witnessed a miracle. They had people praying for them from all over the world. These babies represent a journey of hope and faith. If you need inspiration on your journey, whatever phase you’re going through – follow this story and family.

“Everyday is a gift.” – Jamie Scott.


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