The Dog Mom

Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations, or love without conditions.

I wish every human had a heart like a dog. They are loyal companions who love unconditionally. Dogs have a way of finding people who need them. I may not have any biological children – but I have five dogs. I have five fur babies.

Brees is our Siberian Husky. She is named after football hero, Drew Brees. She is a bi-eyed husky. Did you know that bi-eyed dogs can see earth with their brown eye, and heaven with their blue eye? Brees is from my first marriage. She has been my companion for almost a decade. She has been by my side through celebration and devastation. She is feisty, fierce, loving, and wild. She is beautiful. Her middle name is after my grandmother.

Copper is our Dachshund. He is a short-legged, long-bodied wiener dog. He is my stepdaughter’s dog. She was promised by my husband when she was ill as a child. My husband never thought he would have a dog, little did he know he would end up with five of them. Copper is a fighter. He was diagnosed with cancer last summer, and we prepared that it would be his last summer. He had surgery to remove the tumor, and with zero chemo or radiation – he survived it. He burrows, runs like a bunny and barks like there is no tomorrow.

Blaze is a rescue dog from a shelter in our town. He is a Bassett – Beagle Mix. He is a what you could call a “mutt.” He is black, brown, white and has spots. He is unique. Me and my husband had been dating only a few months when we found Blaze. He was the runt of the litter and the very last puppy in his cage. Me and my stepdaughter took one look at him, and we knew we had to take him home. We had to convince my husband, but in the end – we took that little puppy to his new home. Blaze has tremendous separation anxiety. He needed us and he was the dog that linked our family together. Blaze was dog number three, and what we thought was our last dog.

Dubnyk is our Great Dane. He is named after NHL Wild goalie Devan Dubnyk. Our family loves the Wild. It was the natural choice for a name. His middle name is Jake, after my dad. Dubnyk wasn’t planned, but either was our infertility. Our infertility treatments had failed, I was desperate and angry. I wanted the biggest puppy I could get. The biggest breed of dog I could find. The Christmas before my hysterectomy, we brought home our little blue-eyed Great Dane puppy. I let my stepdaughter pick him out from his brothers and sisters and I had picked out my dad’s middle name because I knew I wouldn’t have a baby to name after him. Dubnyk was our baby. He was almost twenty pounds when we brought him home. He would sleep on our chests. He will be three years old. He is the most sensitive dog we have – who is also the biggest. He is almost two-hundred pounds.

Aspen Storm is our last dog. She was unexpected and I believe she was sent to our family. We were compelled by her and her story. Aspen is deaf. She is a Dogo Argentino/Bulldog Mix. She is pure white. Aspen came to Minnesota from Texas. She is considered special needs – the shelters in Texas are over-flowing and they don’t keep dogs with special needs. We like to visit our local animal shelter. We walked past Aspen’s cage and read her story. I knew I had to have her. I had to save her. In the end, Aspen was saving me. She has been my greatest challenge. She isn’t easy. We have brought her to training, we have learned how to communicate with her, and we have tried to learn her background and her story. We don’t know exactly what Aspen has survived, we just know she was brought to us for a reason. I was grieving and I was suffering. Aspen has kept my mind busy. She has kept my life busy. I don’t have time to think about much else. We have had our struggles with her, but we have kept going. Aspen is a beautiful soul who just needed to be loved. She needed me as much as I needed her. We saved each other. Our family is complete.

I had considered opening a dog kennel – It’s a sideline dream. My home is full of dog hair, slobber, muddy paws, and love. Are we out of our mind? probably. I spend way too much money on dog food, I vacuum more than the average person, I have a dog-sitter come stay at my home, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I view my dogs as my children. I love and cherish them as they were my own kids.

I am a Dog Mom.

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The Infertility Doula

I am a infertile woman with no biological children. My infertility stems from endometriosis and adenomyosis. I work and live in Duluth, Minnesota. I am married with five dogs and have an adult stepdaughter.

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