Adoption or Abortion

The topic of abortion, in my opinion is very personal. I don’t like to speak of it often due to the fact that it can offend easily. As a woman who struggles with infertility, my view on abortion may be different than someone who has a different perspective or life altering situation.

I have never been put in the circumstance of having to make that choice. I have never been pregnant. I cannot imagine it’s an easy choice, just like making the choice to give your baby up for adoption.

I just want to make it clear that this blog is my personal feelings and opinion. Anyone can agree to disagree with me. A baby’s heartbeat can begin as early as 5 weeks. The heart can start to beat before you even take a pregnancy test. You have a human heart beating inside of your body and you have a baby starting to grow. I don’t know how someone could terminate that beating heart. It’s a miracle how the heart begins to beat. I wish I would have had that opportunity to create human life. I wish and prayed for that miracle. I cannot support abortion because of my infertility trauma. You have been given a gift – You can get pregnant. You have created life.

“If a bacteria is considered life on Mars, Why isn’t a heartbeat considered life on Earth?”

Adoption is the action or fact of legally taking another’s child and bringing it up as one’s own. I have had a few blog posts on adoption and personal stories from families who have made the choice to adopt. I can’t imagine carrying a baby for 9 months, and then giving that baby away to another family. If I knew in my heart that my baby would have a better life with another family, I would make the choice to put my baby up for adoption instead of having an abortion. If I was in a situation where I knew I wasn’t fit to have and care for a baby – my choice would be adoption. Coming from the emotional and physical struggles of infertility, I believe in adoption over abortion. I have read from other adoptive families that adoption can be an enormous commitment, challenge, enrichment and a life full of love.  Please consider giving your baby to a loving family instead of stopping that beating heart.

With recent news of full term abortions becoming legal, it compelled me to write this post. I read an article from Dr. Allen Smith, OB/GYN, and what he stated really put the NY abortion law in perspective for me. “Just being pregnant puts your life at risk.” This is true. Pregnancy is a risk. You are taking a risk with every pregnancy you have. If It was between my life or my baby’s life – I would pick my baby’s life every single time. When I was doing my fertility treatments, I was told I had a chance of conceiving multiples. I knew my risks and all of my attempts failed, but I know that I would have never considered selective reduction.

I understand this is coming from a woman who has never been pregnant – and a woman who doesn’t have any biological children, but I advocate for the infertile. Please consider adoption over abortion. Please know that there are millions of couples who cannot even get pregnant. These couples would do anything to have that baby, and give that baby a good life. The key word here is “LIFE”.

I can’t imagine either choice would be easy. There is difficulty in both choices. I am not adopted, and I have not adopted a baby. It would be difficult putting your baby into another woman’s arms, but there are also different types of adoptions. You can choose an open or closed adoption. Open adoption give the biological and adoptive families to stay in contact with each other to a certain degree.

Please don’t stop that heartbeat. Adopt. There are so many women in the world that cannot have what you have. They would be eternally grateful to you for the miracle of a baby. It brings me to tears just thinking about how many babies are aborted every year instead of going home to a loving family.

Find your perspective. Advocate for the beating heart. You have the right to choose – do it wisely.

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I am a 34 year old from Minnesota. I have an amazing husband, teenage stepdaughter and five dogs.

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